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Currently I am developing my knowledge about parametric design using grasshopper and python. Moreover, new methods of 3D printing within new materials to fulfill my thesis demands are in procedure.


Sapienza university of Rome
Master of science
Product Design (Working on thesis with GPA 28.5/30)
2016 - 2018

Azad university of Tehran
Bachelor of science
Mechanic engineering, solid design
2008 - 2012

Enghelab islamic university of Tehran
High diploma
Machine tools
2006 - 2008


Samsung (techwin electronics), Tehran
Production engineer of washing machines
Design and partitioning production line in 2D mode for different sections of manufacturing based on models variations and critical features
Design and create special tools and machines to ease daily works of staff such as trolleys to transport heavy parts in large scale in 3D mode with mechanical analysis;
Launch new models such as "Add Wash" including line partitioning, CTQ, BOM, assemble training to staff.
2 years

Ardal Co, Tehran
Mechanical engineer
Manufacturing and maintenance of pre-engineered fire supression systems
1 years

Farasakht Co, Tehran
Mechanical engineer
Design and production of structures and equipments for power and telecommunication sites
1 years

Irankhodro Co, Tehran
Mechanical engineer (internship)
Partitioning line of Renault L-90 in 2D mode and design special tools as needed for specific operations in 3D mode.
3 month


SOCO is a coffee machine that adapts to modern concepts of houses. A dominant central piece benifiting form the space. A smart machine with a simplistic interface, where buttons are redundant. A machine that compliments other household items in terms of material, colors and morphology. A space efficient design taking advantage of the abundance of vertical space in today smaller households.This project has been done with my team mates Rawad Hajj and John Alongi in Sapienza university of Rome, Italy.

INTACT is a table that is made up of modular joints, metal pins and glass panels. The consumer has the unique capability to customize their table through a variety of joint piece arrangements, removing and adding them as desired. For table durability and stability, there is a limit on the number of pieces that should be removed.

If things are broken, they do not have to stay broken. This project aims to embrace the beauty of the broken things. By combining material with translucent behaviour into the broken pieces, this new material will manipulate senses of materiality and create an emotional bonding within the material, between memory and hope.

We as humans do not communicate to each other as much as needed. To be more accurate loneliness is being an epidemic in modern society. Although We are all surrounded with electronic gadgets connected together to provide us connectivity and so on communication but do we really communicate with each other in a way we need it? Although social medias brought opportunities to be in touch with all around world and helping to build new relationships with new people, but we are moving toward a way in which we are forgetting our essential needs, the need of interaction in our three dimensional world.

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